Eligibility Requirements for the RJB Veteran Scholarship:

  1. Successful completion of at least one semester in a JRCERT-accredited Medical Dosimetry Program.
  2. Active membership in AAMD in good standing at the time of application and award.
  3. Status as an honorably discharged US Military service member, Reservist, or National Guard personnel.

Application Procedure Overview: To apply for the RJB Veteran Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare thoughtful responses to the essay questions.
  2. Confirm your enrollment in a JRCERT accredited medical dosimetry program by completing the Verification Form.
  3. Upload scanned copies of your DD214 or current DoD/Coast Guard ID card.
  4. Gather the required information for the online electronic application.
  5. Submit your online electronic application.
  6. Mail three letters of reference and a copy of your most recent transcript.

Essay Questions (300-word limit for each):

  1. Explain your current financial situation and how receiving this scholarship would positively impact your circumstances.
  2. Share your career aspirations and how your education will contribute to achieving them.
  3. Express your passion for the Medical Dosimetry profession and why you chose it as your career path. Describe the impact you hope to make during your professional journey.
  4. Narrate an instance where you applied leadership skills to overcome a personal, professional, or academic challenge.
  5. Detail any community service or volunteer work you have been involved in.

Online Electronic Application: For the online electronic application, prepare the following:

  • Personal Information, including your AAMD member number.
  • Educational Institution details, including your most recent GPA or equivalent.
  • Financial Aid Contact Information.
  • Institutional Financial Information, covering tuition, fees, and books.
  • A statement signed by your program director confirming your enrollment in a JRCERT accredited Medical Dosimetry educational program.
  • PDF copy of your Resume.
  • A list of any research, publications, or lecture positions for national or regional meetings.
  • Completed acknowledgment of scholarship terms and conditions form (attach as an attachment to your electronic application).


Submit three letters of recommendation and official transcripts to:(Failure to submit these documents will make you ineligible to qualify)

AAMD Foundation
c/o Ben Shaikh
7 Ashlyn Rise
Fairport, NY, 14450

Please ensure that your application is complete and meets all requirements before submission. Good luck with your scholarship application!