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Advance Your Passion

Join aspiring medical dosimetrists as we train and improve the quality of patient care

Eclipse Student Training Grant

In partnership with Varian, the foundation has established a training grant to help aspiring medical dosimetrist gain experience on the Eclipse planning system. The grant is limited to students and those who have never used the Eclipse planning system.

Upcoming Scholarships

The following scholarship will open on Jan 2018

Gunilla Bentel Scholarship

The original fund, established in 2000 under the guidance of Sandi Huston and Helen Stoddard, as a tribute to Gunilla.This fund is designated to benefit Board certified members of the medical dosimetry profession enrolled in an accredited higher education program.

Varian Student Scholarship

The Varian Student scholarship provides qualified applicants entering their first year of an accredited medical dosimetry program by providing financial support for tuition, room and board and supplies.

Rudi J. Bertrand Veteran Scholarship

The Rudi J Bertrand Veteran’s Fund was established in 2012 with an initial donation from the named benefactor. The fund specifically provides benefits to qualified applicants who have served in the armed services.

MDCB Voucher

The Medical Dosimetry Certification Board and the foundation have partnered to offer exam vouchers to students seeking to pursue certification. The selection committee selects recipients on need, merit and there is a special category for the members of our military.

Travel Grant

In partnership with mission search, we are helping CMD members attend the regional meeting to meet their CME requirements. To be eligible, you need to be at the end of your CME cycle and be able to provide proof.