Why was the Foundation formed?

The Gunilla Bentel Scholarship Fund was established in 2000 by Sandi Huston and Helen Stoddard. They had a dream that one day this scholarship would have funds available to provide financial support to medical dosimetry students. This scholarship is a fitting tribute to Gunilla, who constantly strove to provide educational experiences that were practical in application, yet always looking for improvement and innovation.

The Board of Directors of the AAMD, recognizing the need for an educational fundraising entity for prospective Dosimetrists as well as for the establishment and maintenance of Dosimetry training programs, proposed to its membership the creation of the Foundation. The membership of AAMD unanimously approved the necessary funds to establish such an entity at its Annual Membership Meeting on June 20, 2007.

On March 11, 2009 the IRS awarded the AAMD Education and Research Foundation the tax status of 501(c)(3) with the further classification of being a public charity. The Foundation became a new entity under the umbrella of the AAMD and is incorporated in Washington, DC.

Why should I donate?

The AAMD Education and Research Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization set up to advance the medical dosimetry profession. The AAMD Foundation provides scholarships to medical dosimetry students, supports formal medical dosimetry education programs and funds medical dosimetry research programs.

What are donations used for?

The American Association of Medical Dosimetrists Education & Research Foundation will enhance cancer care and quality of life for patients receiving radiation therapy by promoting the critical role of the medical dosimetrist in the cancer community through support and advancement of education and independent research for medical dosimetrists.

Are donations tax deductible?

With the tax status of a 501(c)(3), donations made to the Foundation may be deductible. 100% of the donation is deductible if no goods or services have been received for the donation made. A tax letter will be sent from the Foundation to the donor. For further details about the tax status of your donation please speak to a qualified financial advisor.

When are scholarships awarded?

Scholarship applications will open Mid-January with completion in Mid-March. Applicants will be notified of the awards in May.

How are Trustees appointed to the Board of the Foundation?

The AAMD Board of Directors selects and approves a slate of candidates to the AAMDERF Board of Trustees. The Foundation then selects those volunteers who will serve on the Board. If you are interested in serving on the Board of trustees, please contact the AAMD and make your interest know.

Who can become a Trustee on the Foundation Board of Directors?

Anyone interested in promoting the mission of the Foundation can become a Trustee. The Foundation bylaws currently restrict the number of Trustees to twelve and a majority of these individuals must be certified by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board.

How are Officers of the Foundation determined?

The Foundation Board of Trustees selects its Officers from the existing Board and term limits are outlined in the Foundation bylaws. If no one is available to fill an open Officer position volunteers may be recomended by the AAMD Board of Directors

Will the Foundation grow beyond the awarding of scholarships?

On October 21-22, 2006 the AAMD met with Steve Worth from Plexus Consulting Group to conduct a Foundation strategic planning event in Washington, DC. Attendees were: Paula Berner, Rudi J. Bertrand, Melanie Dempsey, Robin Famiglietti, Mary Hare, Sandi Huston, Theresa Kwiatkowski, Nishele Lenards, Randy Merril, Anjenette Milligan, Mark Reid, Mark Russell, Dr. Larry Sweeney and Brenda Wray.

During that process, several items of importance were identified. The Foundation started with scholarships to students in accredited programs who will become practicing Medical Dosimetrists. The Board of Trustees has plans to complete the other items identified from the original strategic planning process.

Currently the AAMD Education and Research Foundation has funds set aside to award a grant to assist an unaccredited dosimetry program in its process to become accredited. This grant has been made possible by a generous donation from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

The Foundation also plans to support professional development of current career professionals.